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DIRECTION for Employee Assistance can help you work through life’s most complex issues. Whether you need childcare, eldercare for a loved one, or legal or financial advice, we can help. One-on-one consultations are available by phone or in person.


Finding safe, nurturing childcare can be a challenge for the working parent. Affordability and work schedules may also compound the issue. When childcare is unsettled or in limbo, you may find it difficult to work or focus on your job.

Our trained professionals can:

  • Help you determine what type of childcare would be best best on your child’s needs.
  • Discuss ways to evaluate and monitor the quality of care.
  • Identify community resources and childcare providers.


Identifying care and getting help for an aging relative can be difficult and confusing. Today, more and more people are faced with this responsibility, which can be distracting and emotionally exhausting and often requires time away from work and family.

Our experienced staff can:

  • Evaluate the needs of your elderly relative by discussing living arrangements, healthcare, legal rights, financial concerns and planning.
  • Define short- and long-term needs, identify possible solutions, and provide emotional support.
  • Help you understand the costs and structure of various types of living arrangements and provision of care.
  • Identify ways to evaluate the appropriate level of care needed.
  • Explore private and public services, and provide a free elder-care resource guide.
  • Determine how to best communicate you concerns and involve your aging relative in decision-making and planning.
  • Teach you how to evaluate and monitor the quality of care.
  • Identify and provide support for you as caregiver.

Financial or Legal

When financial or legal matters arise, personal anxiety may rise. Such issues can interfere with life at both work and home. Upon careful assessment, our counselors can help you evaluate the situation and provide guidance.

For financial issues, we can:

  • Discuss and evaluate personal spending patterns and money management.
  • Determine whether professional or mental health counseling is appropriate.
  • Provide access to resources, specifically Debt Reduction Services, a non-profit organization that can provide options.

For legal issues, we can:

  • Explore your concerns.
  • Provide names of legal specialists.
  • Help you manage stress related to legal proceeding.

Our mediation and conflict resolution services can, at times, prevent a separation, divorce or custody dispute from becoming a highly charged, adversarial, or litigious situation. By discussing your concerns with a professionally trained counselor, you may be able to avert a financial or legal crisis.


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