Travel Medicine & Immunizations

Travel Medicine & Immunizations

Flu Shots & Other Immunizations

The seasonal flu and other illness can be spread easily from person to person, mostly through coughing and sneezing, especially in the workplace or public places.  The CDC has stated that the most effective way to prevent the flu from spreading is to get immunized.

Drop In Flu Shot Clinic

Our drop-in flu shot clinics offer a convenient way to protect yourself from the flu while accommodating your busy schedule.

Monday, Wednesday and Fridays starting September 12th from 8:00AM to 5:00PM

2650 Suzanne Way Suite 200

Eugene, OR 97408

While the flu shot is our most popular immunization, we offer other immunizations as well.  Contact our team at 541-228-3096 to find out if we can accommodate your specific needs.


Be Prepared for Travel Surprises

Traveling is a great way to have fun and increase your appreciation of our world, but there can be risks associated with traveling and living in international locations. A travel assessment (which is required to receive immunizations) will help you prepare for health risks before going abroad.

During the assessment, the Cascade Health travel clinic nurse will provide information and emphasize the best ways to prevent travel-related illnesses. We recommend that you schedule your immunization clinic well in advance.

What to bring to your appointment:

  • Records of previous immunizations
  • Detailed itinerary of your trip and dates of stays in each destination
  • A list of any medications you are currently taking

Itinerary review

We will discuss by what means you will travel — plane, boat, train — as well as the countries you plan to visit and how long you will stay in each country. With longer trips, there is more potential exposure to insects, food and waterborne illnesses, and other infectious diseases. In addition, we will discuss risk factors, accommodations, meals, water, planned activities, and insects found in the regions you will travel.

Medical history review

You will be asked to provide information about any allergies, medications, chronic illnesses, and medical conditions. If you are pregnant, please let our nurse know.

Medical and emergency care

We will talk about where you would get healthcare in an emergency and what first aid supplies should you take in addition to prescription medications and eyeglasses.

Vaccine requirements and recommendations

You will get answers to questions about which vaccines are required or recommended. We will also review those you’ve already had.


Learn which vaccinations you need, how many doses they require, and in what intervals. Some vaccines or travel medications require a prescription.

Yellow Fever Immunization

We are a designated World Health Organization Yellow Fever vaccination site.


Clients are responsible for all fees on the date of service. We do not bill private insurance for travel vaccines. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.


For More Information

Contact our Travel Clinic Manager Jeanne Reed


Wellness Program


We provide a wide array of immunizations & vaccinations through our wellness program.  Learn more HERE.